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"We Protect both
our customer's art
as an investment
and a gallery's ability
to make a living
selling valued art."

Painting Consignment

Investment Guarantee:

To protect both our customer's art as an investment, and galleries ability to sell art, we will not undersell any works or allow any galleries to undersell these works lower than the retail value listed on this site.

To Art Collectors:

All artwork on this site is available for sale or consignment. Prices on this website depict current retail values. Paintings may be purchased by art collectors at these rates.

To Galleries & Resellers:

If a consignment agreement is reached, the gallery or reseller will receive a discount rate on art minus the gallery consignement rate to match the retail rates shown on this site. (eg: Wholesale Value + Gallery Consignment Rate = Retail Value Shown On This Site)

For More Information:

If you are a collector, reseller or gallery owner, and wish to obtain our paintings at retail or consignment rates, please contact the artist, Andrew Jaster, directly.

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